P.S. I love you.

I once went to watch this movie on Valentine’s day. Outdoor. I think that was one of the most romantic ones I’ve ever had. Although, it was me who planned, of course it was romantic. *credits myself*

Most boys reckon that valentine’s day is overrated, on a certain level I agree. One day every single year, the prices of flowers jack up double, restaurants start to offer packages for 2, everything is counted in 2s all of a sudden. Every year, for one day. So does that mean, for the rest of the 364 days, flowers are not important, everything can be singular? Hm… Of course this is an exaggeration on many levels, but the hype on Valentines Day was starting to get to me.

Yes you could say that I am a sore loser cos I didn’t get anything, but still! Girls carrying flowers on the streets in the city, on the train. It was, I think the word was overwhelming. Although I do think that the day itself was overrated, somewhere in me, a small little part did wish that I had something, doesn’t have to be big, just something small. Ah wells.

Well at least I am comforted by the fact that I made someone’s day over east. Just like me, alone on Valentine’s Day. What’s better than to receive a pot of flowers at the end of the day after work, dinner and what nots. =)

At the end of the day, yesterday was not just about showing who has the best flowers, but showing appreciation to the one you love.

And spending good quality girl time. =) Ooops + one lucky man.


The woe of a girl (I think woman now) in her late 20s.

*clears throat* Yes, girl in late 20s, ok fine I would like to think woman (hopefully), and yes that’s me. Sadly. Ok no not sadly, I need to embrace my age with grace. I finally understand why women at my age take a longer time to get ready in the morning, or at anytime at all, and why we spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars every year to maintain ourselves. The skin of a younger person is so much easier to maintain. In my teens, I only needed products that can be bought from general phamarcies, like Watsons or Guardian. When I turned 19, I went to Taiwan for holiday and came back with extremely dry skin, and so I started my Sheseido regime. It was still just using the ‘youthful’ regime back then.

Just about a few years after, I think about the time I hit 24, I realise that the Sheseido facewash was drying out my skin completely and the moisturer wasn’t working as well as before (meaning the hydration wasn’t enough for my skin). That was when I started using milk-based facewash cos I needed hydration from the start of the face maintenance process. At this stage, I was still in the basic 3 steps: cleanse-tone-moisturise. I use a basic moisturer for my body and just lip balm. Still relatively basic, still not that pricey yet. Oh I haven’t talked about my hair. Well it was much simpler in my younger days, I was using the same Redken shampoo for about 4 years, up to the last couple of years.

In the last 2 years, I have realised more and more imperfections in my skin and source for products that can help correct these problems. I’m not sure if this is a psychological problem or do I just have to admit that I am getting old and require more things slathered on me to help maintain my skin. But right now, I am using so many products to maintain myself that it is getting riddiculous. What’s worse is that I am looking for more, it seems to me that these 1001 products give me a sense of security, that if I don’t put these products on day and night, I am convinced that my skin is going to be horrible. Not to mention, the amount of money that goes into these purchases!

Sighs, the woes of getting older.

Of hitting reality

Couple days ago I attended a friend’s graduation. Undergraduate graduations, always full of young people, fresh and eager to get into the work force. Or looking forward to what life is going to bring them. Basically, people buzzing with energy. Kinda reminds me of when I first graduated 5 years ago. Seems like such a long time ago! Yes time flies by really quickly. Amidst all these energetic people, part of me wants to say, Hey! Welcome to the world of  being unemployed. Harsh I know, especially on graduation day. But yet so very true, studying was all I ever knew for the last 5 years and suddenly there was the requirement to go out to work, earn money, support oneself, pay bills, etc.

I remember I had a teacher in JC who once told us, the hard part is getting into university. Thinking back, we were all taken in to work really hard for our A levels to have an ‘easier’ life in university. Another lecturer in university told us, this would be the hardest part in our lives, once we get a job, everything would be smooth sailing from there. Sometimes I wonder who allowed for such thoughts to be imprinted into our head, to let us believe that the grass will be greener on the other side, whereby once we go past this ‘hard’ parts, everything will be awesome.

Looking back, despite being poor, despite struggling financially, despite having constant sleep deprivation, university days are still the best years of my life. I met people who do not judge you for the job you hold or how much money you’re making now. I met people who will be friends for life, who up till now still provide support, unconditionally. I always felt that I was much happier when I was still a student, I guess having less responsibilities was probably the main drive of this happiness. My only responsibility then was to study hard, rather try to study hard.

Now in the working world, life has become routine, life has also become about 看老板脸色. I no longer am as happy as before. I think what’s worse is when I look at these graduating students, I think to myself, welcome to the big reality wake up call. Who wants to be more mature/grown up?


Been watching this Singaporean TV series recently, yes I watch probably more Asian shows in Perth than when I am actually in Singapore. I suppose that this is life but I’m glad to be able to catch up on shows when I’m here. It got up to a point when Mum wanted to watch TV series with me, brought out her stack and I’ve watched most of them. Such is life isn’t it? But one thing I like about Singaporea TV dramas is that they try to highlight different aspects of the Singaporean lifestyle, concepts and viewpoints.

I read some reviews on the net saying that this show was just so-so, that the pairing of the couples are always the same, I suppose I don’t watch enough to know how often these couples pair up, but I guess Singapore has a limited pool of actors/actresses, if they don’t use the same people, then who else can they use? These pairs are probably used repeatedly because chemistry has sparked between them, they work well together, they look good together. This show brought a deeper understanding of the meaning 办丧事 in Singapore. Many view this line of work to be a taboo, and obviously not many people would go into this line of work, facing the dead all the time. If given a choice, I wouldn’t go into this line of work as well, just because I cannot deal with working with the dead all the time. But behind just working with the dead, there is a also a certain skill set that is not known to the public, the various types of funerals, the traditions that go with it. What I enjoyed was that it showcased these skills and also provided awareness that these skills are a dying trade, obviously as the younger generation shun jobs like these.

Keep up the good work Mediacorp! =)

少一点仇恨 多一点的我们 少一点寒冷 多一点的温存





CNY Loss

With CNY round the corner, it is starting to get to me that this is the period of time that I really want to be home with my family. Having been here 7 years, this is my 2nd CNY that I am missing. The first one wasn’t so bad because I was with friends who were in the same plight then and we made the best out of being away from family by celebrating it amongst ourselves. It didn’t feel as bad then. This year, most of my friends have families here, which obviously mean that they’ll be with their families, which leaves me… *heaves a sigh* And I realise that even those that do celebrate it over here, the meaning’s all lost, mainly cos work obviously still go on, studies obviously still go on. Reunion dinners can be compromised because of work, people don’t gather on the first day but rather third day because the third day is a Saturday. Just bits and pieces of these made me wonder if I would be the same in a few years time, losing that meaning of tradition or rather the meaning of family getting together. True, we shouldn’t be using CNY as an excuse to get together as a family, but I guess that is the one period, everyone makes an effort to come together and catch up, extended family and all. Even simple traditions of going to friends’ houses, which has become a yearly affair will be lost. Would I lose myself before I gain anything in this country? I shouldn’t use that as a bench mark. Forgive me as this is my inner feelings coming out, one should not think about gaining and losing. But how can one not? When I am losing the very thing that defines me.

Nontheless, I’ll be missing

Mummy’s CNY Eve Dinner

Yearly family meet-ups

Yes pink lions.

Lou Hei

Yearly traditions

& all the glorious, sinful food that come with these festival.

On a lighter note, I came in this morning to this pasted on my screen.