After a whole year..

Always a long hiatus, and then I get bored and think about writing again. Writing has always been a part of me, a huge part. I enjoyed writing a lot just sometimes, don’t have the time to do so. Not quite an excuse I guess but oh wells. Priorities in life does not make time for writing.

So let’s see how long I can keep this up again, I don’t think for long but one can always try.

So a whole year huh? I won’t say a huge lot has happened except a change in my career. I finally am able to work in the field I’m familiar with, or so I think. Choices and decisions made. Sometimes I always think, how do you know if what I’ve decided is the right decision? How do I know if that’s what I want?

Nonetheless, once a choice is made, one has to stick with it. And make the best out of it I guess. Well, here’s to an end of my tai tai life, per say and onward with the daily grind. I’ve had the luxury of having time off after finishing a job and now i’m ready again.

Here’s to a new beginning. :))