All hail the Air Conditioner!

How can the air conditioner break down in a weather like this? *sighs* One can only hope that it will be fixed asap. It was such a joy to see Shanghai’s weather to be 5 degrees, although I know I’ll be bitching my ass off about the cold weather but anything beats this hot sticky weather!

Anyways, griping aside. Played poker over the weekend. I won’t say I am a good player, in fact everything I have is usually due to plain dumb luck. Which of course I will never complain, I usually last in the game up to the top 3 places and thats when my luck/patience runs out and I just give up. Seriously just give up. Every single time, I get tired, I lose concentration, I run out of luck, I have bad cards, all the excuses to cover up my lack of patience. I wonder how some can play it professionally, sitting through 100s of games a day, doing the same thing, for so many hours straight. But I guess that is me, impatient. 😦 Needs to change that though. Sighs.